Preferred Vendors
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Preferred Vendors

Below is a list of vendors that I trust, this list is broken down into catagories.

Home Services

Electrical - Heat/Air - Plumbing/Sewer Scope - Carpet/Flooring - Roof - House Cleaning - Landscape/Lawn Service - Structural - Restoration - Contractor/Handyman - Paint - Well/Septic - Environmental (Radon/Mitigation - Asbestos) - Chimney/Fireplaces - Solar  

Financial Services

Medical Services


Personal Services

Automotive Services


Business Name:     Protech Electric, LLC
Contact Name:      Rich Castellano
Contact Number:   720-203-7385

Business Name:     Phase Three Energy Services, Inc
Contact Name:      Peter David
Contact Number:   720-207-4516

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Heating and Air Conditioning

Business Name:     Great Peaks Heating & Air Conditioning
Contact Name:      Ken Avery
Contact Number:  303-234-0700
Web Site:   

Business Name:     Gerry Smith
Contact Name:      Accutrol Heating & Cooling, Inc.(Insulation)
Contact Number:   303-868-2214

Business Name:     Decker Heating & Air Conditioning
Contact Name:      M. Byron Decker
Contact Number:   303-838-3888

Business Name:     V Heating & Air Cooling
Contact Name:      Jason Van Orden
Contact Number:   303-257-9314

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Plumbing/Sewer Scope

Business Name:     Pro-Active Sewer & Drain (Sewer Scope)
Contact Name:      Phillip Gallegos
Contact Number:   720-545-5034

Business Name:     Mainline Services (Sewer scope)
Contact Name:      Dewayne Melvin
Contact Number:   303-596-5803

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Carpet and Flooring

Business Name:     Coventry Carpets
Contact Name:      
Contact Number:   303-768-8599

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Environmental (Radon/Mitigation - Asbestos)

Business Name:     A Rock Solid Home Inspection (Radon Testing)
Contact Name:      Johathan Leahy
Contact Number:   303-718-7779

Business Name:     Ace Radon (Radon Mitigation)
Contact Name:      
Contact Number:   303-872-8062

Business Name:     Family Environmental
Contact Name:      Timothy Fiegel, Asbestos Building Inspector
Contact Number:   925-586-9253


Business Name:     Elkhorn Enterprises
Contact Name:      Anthony Valdez
Contact Number:   303-564-8669

Business Name:     Roof Worx
Contact Name:      
Contact Number:   720-318-5504

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Cleaning Services

Business Name:     Maid in America
Contact Name:      Deena Cook
Contact Number:   303-523-3439

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Landscape/Lawn Service

Business Name:     Wimmer Landscape & Irrigation Contractors
Contact Name:       Hans Wimmer
Contact Number:   303-252-1420

Business Name:    Cutting Image LLC
Services:              Aeration/Mowing/Fertilizing
Contact Name:     Chris Letterly
Contact Number:  303-460-8685

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Business Name:     Colorado Strucural Services
Contact Name:      Mike Schmidt
Contact Number:   303-557-2000 Office, 720-232-6437 Cell
Web Site:   

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Business Name:     Disaster Restoration Experts
Contact Name:      Mark Wilson
Contact Number:  303-801-0300

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Business Name:     Climax Roofing & Construction
Contact Name:      Mike Chavez
Contact Number:   303-534-1500 Office 720-275-8940 Cell

Business Name:     Jason's Services
Contact Name:      Jason Smith
Contact Number:   303-803-5590

Business Name:     Halls Handyman Service
Contact Name:      Don Hall
Contact Number:   720-443-8491

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Business Name:     Precision Painting
Contact Name:      Bill Siller
Contact Number:   303-619-8337

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Well and Septic

Business Name:     American Water Well Testing, Inc
Contact Name:      James Meacham
Contact Number:   720-371-2507

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Business Name:     Chimney Sweeps of America
Contact Name:      Mark Roberts
Contact Number:   303-973-7376 Office 720-708-9709 Cell

Business Name:     Colorado Gas Services LLC
Contact Name:      Jonathan Harrison
Contact Number:   303-551-3077
Web Site:   

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Business Name:     Jennifer L Howard CPA
Contact Name:      Jenny Howard CPA
Contact Number:   303-425-4266

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Medical Services

Business Name:     Alpine Chiropractic
Contact Name:      Dr. Leah McAlpine, D.C.
Contact Number:   303-920-9486

Business Name:     Massage Therapist
Contact Name:      Pam Moore
Contact Number:   303-466-2416

Business Name:     Mountain Spirit Acupuncture
dContact Name:     Brian Mears
Contact Number:   303-929-7334

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Business Name:     Scott Reno Insurance
Contact Name:      Scott Reno
Contact Number:   303-457-8325

Business Name:     American Family Insurance
Contact Name:      Rick Mann
Contact Number:   303-280-3346

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Personal Services

Business Name:     Marla Keown Photography
Contact Name:      Marla Keown
Contact Number:   720-940-1238

Business Name:     Martinizing Dry Cleaning
Contact Name:      Brad Johnson
Contact Number:   303-457-1672

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Business Name:     Stang Auto Tech Inc
Contact Name:      Robert Blaes
Contact Number:   303-404-3813

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