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  • A home inspection is a prerequisite when it comes to buying and selling residential properties, which is why it is a “must” for those involved to hire professional help rather than just do things themselves.

    Whether dealing with brand new estates or foreclosed houses, most purchase contracts and buyer’s broker agreements emphasizes the need for home inspection. This prevents huge losses on the part of buyers and keeps renovation and repair costs in check. It’s not like you can ask the bank for an extended loan once they’ve financed the purchase just to get everything in order. So, without exaggerating, home inspections are necessary to get a satisfying outcome when it comes to obtaining a residence.

    In spite of this though, about 1.4 million uninspected homes get sold per year, which is a shame considering that it is part of the real estate agent’s job to protect the buyer’s interest. With this in mind, it is now up to you instead to make the educated decision of hiring a seasoned expert to survey the property you are eyeing for imperfections. Don’t just rely on others to get things done for you. The more you are involved, the bigger your chances of getting a more advantageous deal. It is worthwhile to note that home inspections also help out in the appraisal process (which you as an interested buyer should also take care of yourself) and sees to it that you know what the exact value of the home is in its current condition.